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Can I apply for an ESTA without access to the Internet?

ESTA is an online system, and Internet access is needed. However, travelers without Internet access can engage a third party (a service agent, travel agent, relative, or friend) to submit their ESTA application on their behalf. No matter the case, you are still the legally responsible party for any answers submitted on your behalf


What is the cost for an ESTA application?

Make a payment for utilizing our review and processing services of $89.00 USD. The cost includes the mandatory US government fee of $4.00 USD processing fee (that is outlined in the Travel Promotion Act, 2009), and $10.00 USD if your application goes through successfully and is approved.

Which payment methods are accepted?

ESTA is an online system, and Internet access is needed. So all major credit and debt cards are accepted.

How long will delivery take?

You will normally receive your approved or not approved ESTA travel authorization within a few hours. However, the reviewing, and the processing of an application may take longer. In this case, you can expect your travel authorization emailed to you within at least 72 hours.

How secure is my credit information? Is my data protected? is protected by 4 layers off protection. Our Hosting, DNS, and CDN all hold Secure SSL’s on each level, and is protected by Mcafee. Payments and credit card information has extra Security on the processing side as well.

We at do not hold or store your credit card information . We at do use cookie’s and tracking code information for marketing and to better your user experience on the website.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes you do. You will also get your approval or no approval e-mail to you in 72 hours .

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